Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Laptop Magazine - Editor's Choice Award for Gmail for Mobile

One of the projects I work on at Google is the Gmail for Mobile client for cell phones. It was released back on Nov. 2, 2006 and has received lots of press since then. In February's edition of Laptop Magazine, it was given the Editor's Choice award, which is nice. I think our most common compliments have been on the usability and Gmail-y feel of the app. The most common complaint is: "It's missing feature X", where X is one of many, many possible features. Some X's can be implemented on many phones, some on a few phones, and some on about one phone. Hopefully as phones become more and more capable, all these X's will be at least technically feasible. Then it will just be a matter of finding the time to get all these things working. Which is, of course, a much harder problem.

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